Secure, Affordable, Trustworthy IT Support for Local Government

Diminishing budgets and rigid mandates require highly efficient, enriched technology. Embracing innovations, such as cloud computing, mobile access and more will pave the way for big data, and keep it all running effectively.

“We are saving over $200,000 per year, mitigated major security risks, have a better onsite and offsite backup of critical information, and much more. They did a fantastic job, and are extremely competent and capable of providing a level of service we need in this community. I would definitely do it again.”

Keith Hickey, Town Manager | Salem, NH

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Municipal IT Services from Neoscope

Partner with Neoscope for affordable, innovative municipal information systems support. Whether it’s improving security with server colocation or vCISO, or keeping servers and networks operating at optimal performance, our team of technology experts are here for you.

How can Neoscope help your municipal office or organization?

Budget Effectively

Neoscope understands how important it is to get the best possible services while keeping below budget. Our scalable SLAs (Service Level Agreements) make IT costs predictable, allowing you to adjust services based on your specific needs and budget.

Boost Efficiency

Neoscope makes it easy for public servants to be more productive. We’ll help you leverage the newest municipal information systems to improve communication and deliverables.

Improve Security

Neoscope makes sure you always have timely access to data with backup and recovery services. Plus, we’ll keep your servers, data and network safe without adding unnecessary fees or complications.

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