Secure Education IT Solutions from Elementary to University

Providing the latest technology, plus keeping it running smoothly and securely, is essential to the learning environment and brings peace of mind to the students and faculty. Curriculum plans, student records, policies and procedures demand seamless access and timely updates despite a tight budget. With IT support in schools, you’ll provide an environment that sets your students and faculty up for success.

“With the problems we had, and the rate of efficiency that Neoscope exuded in coming in and fixing the problems in our time of need, I’d recommend them to anyone. They’re a great company, they’re very responsive, and I found Tim and his team to be incredibly available and helpful. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.”

Mike Delahanty, Superintendent | Salem, NH School District

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Education IT Support for Schools from Neoscope

Neoscope implements secure, stress-free managed IT environments to boost collaboration and innovation. We’ll make sure your students, teachers, parents and faculty members always have access to what they need at any time. Whether you need to backup or recover your network or maintain your infrastructure, our education IT support experts have got you covered.

How can Neoscope help your Educational Institution?

Get Seamless Support

Neoscope discovers and resolves IT issues before they have a chance to disrupt your lessons. Our vCISO will lead you through our process and provide guidance to fit your unique educational needs.

Boost Security

Neoscope evaluates your network vulnerabilities to protect your infrastructure from threats—even during school holidays. We’ll arm you with a wealth of knowledge in safeguarding systems and procedures provided from years of experience keeping students and schools secure.

Drive Innovation

Neoscope ensures you and your school stay up to date with the latest technology solutions. We’ll show you current trends in education, how to implement them into the classroom, and how to keep your infrastructure safe from cyber threats.

Take learning to new levels, with lower costs, better security and less stress.

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