The Best Internet Security to Shield Critical Data

When it comes to running a business, feeling confident in the security of your data and networks is invaluable. That’s why we’ve created Neoscope Shield. Count on our experts to provide you with the managed IT security services to keep your critical information safe.

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What is Bundled in Neoscope Shield?

Risk Assessment

IT security experts review the risks, impact and potential dangers to your business data and determine a plan of action to prevent disasters.

Security Governance

Boost your security team. Policy governance provides employees the tools and knowledge they need to protect your business and data.

Security Awareness Training

Don’t let your organization break down from the inside. Give employees regular training on how to spot phishing attacks, create strong passwords and more.

Advanced Web Protection

Anti-virus programs aren’t perfect, but that’s where DNS-based web protection saves the day. We’ll make sure you’re positioned to respond immediately to developing online threats.

Vulnerability Assessments

Discover where your website or firewall may be exposed and learn how to fix the problems before disaster strikes.

Email Security

Access anti-spam tools to feel safe in your own inbox again.

CISO Consulting

Meet with our on-staff chief information security officer regularly to discuss the latest in security and how you can apply it to your business goals.

Customized Security Services

Defeat security breaches with customized security services including email and hard drive encryption, security and forensic support, and anti-phishing training.

Gain peace of mind with Neoscope Shield Computer Security.

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