Boost Performance and Control with a Hosted Data Center

One of the keys to your IT success is controlling costs. If you want the perks of a large IT department without the associated costs, server colocation is a hosting option that can’t be ignored. You’ll gain a secure data center, without the fees associated with housing the equipment.

Our IT colocation services allow you to house your servers in our secure hosted data centers. Save money while improving bandwidth and uptime. You’ll control the server software and content, we’ll provide everything else—power, a bandwidth connection, support and more—in a reliable location.

Server Colocation from Neoscope

Stay in control of your server while enjoying the perks and security of a large hosted data center.

IT Colocation Services from Neoscope

Scale Your Needs

Your server hosting needs can change in an instant. We’ll scale your services based on your specifications. Simply give us a call for on-demand solutions.

Get Worry-Free Connectivity

Don’t bog down your budget by buying and maintaining a climate-controlled data center. We’ll do it for you at a fraction of the cost, so you can put all your effort on strategic operations.

Improve Security and Stability

Physical and virtual security, as well as uptime even during a power outage or natural disaster, are essential for keeping an active online presence. We’ll provide top security systems, as well as multiple backup generators in place to ensure there’s never an interruption in service.

Strengthen security and reduce costs using a hosted data center.

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