A global ransomware attack known as WannaCry spread rapidly Friday, infecting hundreds of thousands of computers! This ransomware spreads though phishing emails and takes advantage of a flaw in Microsoft Windows that was patched back in March 2017. If your computer has been updated since March 10th 2017 and has been rebooted, then you are protected.

Additionally, both Webroot and MalwareBytes provide active protection from this ransomware.

Neoscope is validating that all systems are fully patched and have rebooted following to the latest updates available. In cases where reboots might be needed, we will be reaching out to each client to schedule a reboot and re-confirm reboot schedules for all systems under management.

Malware Prevention steps to Always Follow:

Before clicking and opening any email or link always ask and answer these questions affirmatively. If you answer no, either delete the message or contact the sender to validate their intention.

  1. Was I expecting this email?
  2. Was the email
    1. addressed to me directly by name when the sender clearly knows my name?
    2. from someone I know?
    3. sender email address 100% correct? (watch for slight variants like
  3. Is the grammar, spelling, and email construction correct and proper?
  4. Does my gut tell me there is absolutely nothing wrong with this email?

If you answer NO to any of these questions, consider deleting the message outright, or for due diligence, call the sender to confirm they intended to send the message.

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