A vCIO Provides Cost-Effective IT Security, Business Flexibility, and Excellent ROI

It’s no secret that small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly the target of ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks. Strategic IT management, incident response planning, business continuity solutions are the only way to ensure that a business stays up-and-running in the event of an incident or a data disaster. When combined with consistent expert IT management provided by an outsourced vCIO, a business’ IT security and operations concerns become a thing of the past.

Your Outsourced vCIO Takes Control of Catastrophic IT Security Incidents

In our increasingly risky technology climate, small and mid-sized business owners and CEOs often function as the chief information officer if and when an IT incident or full-blown data breach occurs. When this happens, the business’ normal daily operations can suffer as the business owner or CEO takes on the additional burden of dealing with critical IT issues as they arise. Without the necessary IT experience, a business owner or CEO can often become overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing the business’ IT operations in light of the tremendous amount of security issues that threaten today’s businesses on a daily basis.

A Dedicated vCIO Provides Oversight and Management of Critical Daily IT Operations

Even in non-emergency situations, small and mid-sized businesses are at a disadvantage without a dedicated CIO to manage their IT operations on a daily basis. IT departments are simply incomplete without a full-time leader at the helm, but the costs associated with implementing a full-time, in-house CIO position are often prohibitive. This technology budget shortfall can prevent an internal IT department from realizing its full potential in the management of daily operations and during a crisis.

An outsourced vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) relieves the business owner or CEO of the burden of managing their business’ IT department and frees them up to focus on what they do best—turning a profit. By outsourcing your vCIO services, you not only get a dedicated professional with the expertise to successfully manage your IT department—you get the best possible ROI by avoiding the expense of an in-house salary and related benefits.


With superior experience and resources behind them, an outsourced vCIO offers dedicated IT management, data security, and IT infrastructure and network expertise that often aren’t achievable from a single individual or even an entire in-house IT department.

An Outsourced vCIO Provides Cost-Effective ROI and Comprehensive IT Services

When you outsource your vCIO, you can customize your services to fit your business’ budgetary needs and specific IT requirements. You can outsource all or part of your IT management tasks, from complete IT solutions to basic guidance—the level of service is entirely up to you. You’ll get the following benefits with your complete, outsourced vCIO service package:

  • Development and implementation of your business’ continuity plan to prepare for IT security incidents or data breach
  • Expert IT management and guidance customized to your specific industry
  • Analysis, allocation, and recommendations concerning your business’ IT budgetary requirements
  • Implementation of IT infrastructure and network modifications and upgrades
  • Scheduled reports on your business’ overall IT health and security status

A dedicated vCIO allows you to leverage your existing IT team with comprehensive, dedicated support for all your business’ IT management, data security, and infrastructure development needs.

A vCIO is Your Solution for IT Security, Business Continuity, and Disaster Planning

No IT security system is perfect, but when you outsource your vCIO, you partner with a security specialist that is dedicated to keeping your business’ IT and network services fully operational. Your vCIO can work with you to implement a plan that will have your business back online in a matter of minutes or hours—not days or weeks, even in the event of an incident or full-blown data breach.

Outsourcing your vCIO needs can help you regain control of your business and your free time by relieving the IT burden associated with today’s volatile IT security climate. {company} vCIO services will improve your overall IT performance and provide an unbeatable ROI for your business. Contact us at {phone} or send us an email at {email} for more information.