By Evan Fagan

Half of SMBs Were Breached Over the Past Year

CybersecurityFortune 500 companies get breached with alarming regularity as reported in our alarmist daily news. Many Small and Medium Business (SMB) owners have watched these stories and wondered what their own risk of a breach was. Unfortunately, the news isn’t good for SMB’s either.  In point of fact its far worse than for fortune 500 companies.  Today’s reality is that SMBs are directly in the crosshairs of intelligent and sophisticated hackers. There’s numerous reasons for this such as that SMBs often dealing with critical information such as health records, financial accounts, and Intellectual Property.  SMB’s are also targeted for their trusted access to larger businesses which hackers exploit to circumvent fortune 500 security protections. Finally, SMB’s do not have the security awareness training, the cyber security staff on hand, to advise, train, and secure their businesses to any degree similar to the fortune 500. Given these cyber-security challenges SMB’s face, one wonders, just how bad is it here are my SMB?

According to a Ponemon Institute study, only 14% of surveyed companies across multiple industries rated their cyber-attack defenses as highly effective. This same study also found that more than 50% of those same businesses had been breached in the past 12 months.  What is or can an SMB to do?

What Your Business Can and Should Do

SMBs have similar regulatory compliance requirements to large companies but rarely have the financial ability to comply, at least not to the same extent as the Fortune 500. For this reason, Neoscope has built an economically responsible and comprehensive set of security tools and best practices to provide both ourselves and our clients protection from cyber-attack.

  • Risk Assessment: Have a security expert identify risks to your business, rate their potential impact, and then develop a customized cyber protection plan.
  • Security Governance: Policy governance provides standard security guidance and requirements to your employees on how they must handle critical business data.
  • Security Awareness Training: Industry standard training on how to avoid common business attacks such as phishing attacks, social engineering, and poor passwords management practices.
  • Advanced Web Protection: Leverage a more effective technological approach to stopping malware infections using Domain Name System (Internet phonebook) in addition to anti-virus.
  • Vulnerability Assessments: Websites and firewalls are vital to all businesses and often contain security risks that can only be found through vulnerability assessment and then eliminated.
  • Email Security: Email introduces so many opportunities to click a malicious link or open a malicious attachment. Filter SPAM email out of your inbox and protect your business.
  • Password Management: eliminate the largest risk to businesses through the use of a productivity enhancing password management solution.
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): usernames and passwords are often reused, stolen, and compromised. Get the gold standard for remote access authentication with MFA.
  • CSO Consulting: Security programs benefit from a customized human touch to be effective. Neoscope’s CSO is here to answer critical questions about your business’s security needs 24×7.