teamviewerIssues Found with TeamViewer Accounts

TeamViewer (“TV”), a popular remote login service, has been getting significant press the past few weeks due to numerous complaints of users having their accounts compromised and their computers broken into as a result. Users took to Reddit, Twitter, and other social media sources to report their compromised systems. An Ars Technica article reported that while many of these claims are unsubstantiated, an IBM security researcher (IBM staffers usually being credible sources), reported the hack took place on his system in the middle of a gaming session causing him to lose control of his system. Fortunately, he realized what was occurring and killed the application before damage could be done!

TeamViewer’s Response

TV asserts that instead of a data breach occurring on any of its systems or networks that these account compromises and system intrusions are the result of poor User passwords practices. Numerous password breaches were announced in the past month yielding over 600 million username/password combinations available for sale in online hacker forums. TV suggested that because so many users reuse passwords between these compromised websites and their TeamViewer remote logins and as a result hackers have been having a field day with TeamViewer users leading to devastating results – with bank accounts being drained of funds, online accounts commandeered, and people’s identities stolen!

Neoscope’s Best Security Practices

A password breach does not mean that your account has to be compromised. Most websites and applications allow for extra authentication security. Neoscope requires additional measures beyond a simple password not only when accessing our own systems and network but also our clients’ systems and networks as well!  Here are our top security measures used here and recommend to clients trying to increase their security and avoid these critical compromises when the next large website is breached.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): MFA is one of the best ways to ensure a password breach doesn’t compromise your account. It adds another layer to the sign in process so even if your password is known you still have a random code, fingerprint, etc. that no one else does, keeping your account safe while you update your password.
  • Password Managers: All Neoscope employees utilize LastPass, a powerful but affordable password manager allowing for complex randomized passwords that are unique for every website and application without the need to remember them.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN): VPN’s are a necessity, especially when traveling on unknown networks. They create an encrypted tunnel between you and a known good server so any individual trying to intercept your traffic will not be able to see what is being sent.

Using each of these measures have helped Neoscope and our clients prevent TeamViewer like breaches.  If you’d like to learn more, call for a free consultation from our Chief Security Officer on the risks your specific business faces and what you can do to operate safely and securely in the 21st cyber world.