Neoscope-10-300x300What started a decade ago as a dream to create a Managed IT support and solutions firm that was different — one that would work closely with its clients — truly aligning organizational and IT objectives through technology management and technical support while acting as a close and trusted partner, has become a reality. But more than that, it’s become a permanent part of our business community.

The idea was simple, and it was based around one basic question: “How much value could a proactive, consistent and affordable IT company bring to the average organization by delivering high-value consulting and professionalism with the kind of responsiveness that only a trusted partner could deliver?”

It was an idea born of a business climate in which more and more organizations were outsourcing their tech support to legacy IT companies that only new how to sell an hour for a dollar amount, a climate in which IT departments were being gutted of resources, and one where there was no vision of a true partnership. The status quo IT support companies were “we profit from your pain” or “break-fix” models. As a field tech in my early years I saw that not only were these companies profiting from their client’s pains but also delivering subpar IT support that was detrimental to business.

Our proactive and flat rate Managed IT model was unique to our community and although I didn’t think we would be taking the status quo down, I had every intention of installing a new and better option into it. We have done exactly that. Today, Managed IT support services is a growing trend — we have made a major contribution to its development — and the organizations that we support are flourishing as a result.

We’re now seeing more and more mid-market IT departments reaching out to us for co-managed IT: up to 50 percent of our original client base. They come to us with a range of concerns, security being the number one anxiety of most, if not all, businesses we meet with. And to address this back in early 2015 we hired a Chief Security Officer that consults with our clients and we’ve built an entire Managed IT Security offering as well.

My hope was always to build a “dream team” of IT professionals and to unleash that team on a market that was starving for some real top-quality professionalism. We’ve accomplished that, and we reinforce the new normal, which Neoscope has helped to create by working closely with our valued clients in every industry, every single day.

I still remember the liberating feeling of driving up to Concord, New Hampshire exactly 10 years ago today with a $100 check in my pocket to register the name for my experimental moonlighting IT business. I had a head full of dreams and ideas about transforming the future, not only of IT support but that of the entire business world that depends on it. I never would have guessed that it was leading to all of the fantastic opportunities I’ve been given along the way to meet so many amazing people, to assemble such an outstanding team, and to work hand in hand with such great organizations.

Happy 10th B-day to the Scope!