IT-SecurityThe Internet makes it easier to do anything and everything at work, like ordering supplies and products, managing inventory, sharing important documents, track spending, and more. However, as much as the Internet can increase productivity at the office, there are dangers lurking, especially when it comes to a company’s personal and private information. The realm of cybersecurity deals with safely storing a company’s private data so it stays private.

If you feel like your office can use some knowledge on what cybersecurity is and how important it is to the present and future of business, why not hold a training class? These tips on how to organize an office-wide training class on cybersecurity makes it easy.

1. Spread Awareness, Not Fear — Cyber criminals and hackers are oftentimes very good at what they do. They can crack the security networks of some of the biggest brands and companies in the world. You hear about it all the time in the news when a company’s data is hacked. While this is all very scary stuff, you don’t want to terrify your coworkers and employees. Instead, you want to inform them so they can be more proactive.

2. Exploit Your Company’s Cyber Weaknesses — No matter the size of your company, whether it’s a startup or a Fortune 500 corporation, cyber weaknesses probably exist. Obviously, the more employees, the bigger the chances that someone can hack into the company since there’s more people disseminating information. Exploit some weak spots in your company’s security system and come up with a solution to fix these.

3. Explain Ways to Be More Cyber-Savvy — Some coworkers and employees may not have known anything at all about cybersecurity until today, so make sure to cover the basics of being cyber-savvy, such as changing passwords every few months, never sharing passwords with others, setting up spam email filters, and only using hardware and software that your IT professional installed.

4. Give Step-by-Step Instructions on What to Do — Again, take your time in explaining how to make these changes. In addition to explaining how to change passwords, how to set up email filters, and more, you may want to send out a company-wide email with all the steps written out for anyone who couldn’t be at the meeting or those who need a reminder.

5. Answer All Questions Thoroughly — Coworkers may have lots of questions about cybersecurity and how to prevent hackers from invading their private information. Answer as many questions as you can in the time allotted for the training class. If you don’t have time to get to all the questions, set up one-on-one meetings or answer questions via email.

6. Have a Follow-up Meeting — After your initial training class, employees should leave with a better grasp on what cybersecurity is and how they can be smarter online. After about a month, schedule a follow-up meeting, even if it’s only for 30 minutes, where you let everyone share their thoughts on what they learned during the training course and how it’s benefited them since.

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