Without a doubt, establishing a culture of cyber security is one of the best steps you can take to ensure the future success of your organization. This is especially true considering the fact that many experts believe we are now entering a new era when it comes to cyber crime and cyber criminals. If you want to protect your organization from cyber attacks, you can count on Neoscope to provide you with information about the importance of cyber security as well as a few ways you can promote cyber security in your workplace.

The Importance of a “Security Culture”

Believe it or not, many security breaches occur due to the failure of employees and business owners of an organization to take simple steps to maintain cyber security. As a business owner, you need to focus on ensuring that your staff are on your side rather than working against your efforts to maintain cyber security. Your employees must not only realize the importance of following policies and protocols, but they must also have an incentive to do so. If you fail to convince your employees of the importance of cyber security, you can almost guarantee that they will turn to shadow IT to circumvent your policies and protocols.

Make the Issue Relatable

One reason many employees lack the motivation to maintain cyber security is due to the failure of managers or business owners to make the issue relatable to employees. If an issue doesn’t seem “real” to your employees, they will see no need to take steps in order to resolve the issue. Essentially, your employees will not take cyber security seriously.

Therefore, you need to present the issue of cyber security in a way that matters to your employees. For example, if you are the owner of a healthcare institution, you should bring up examples of security breaches that relate to the healthcare field rather than finance. You may be able to drive the importance of cyber security home if you talk about a security breach where the medical information of thousands of patients was accessed and stolen. While you don’t want to scare your employees, you need to ensure they have an epiphany about the importance of cyber security.

Make Cyber Security a Regular Discussion Topic

Once your employees realize the importance of cyber security to their success as well as the success of the organization, you need to keep the topic of cyber security fresh in their heads. Therefore, cyber security should be a regular discussion topic. Monitor the news for cases of relevant security breaches and share these cases with your employees. While this may be sobering for you and your employees, it is necessary so that cyber security remains one of the top concerns for your organization.

Create Reminders in the Workplace

You should post reminders all around the workplace as another way to ensure the topic of cyber security remains fresh in the minds of your employees. For example, you can create posters and signs to put up all around the workplace. These posters and signs can feature brief lists of tips for cyber security. You can also have pens, stickers, and stress balls custom-made to give to your employees. Your marketing department may be able to help you make these promotional items and come up with unique ideas on an ongoing basis.

Cyber security will ensure that your business’ sensitive information remains safe from the likes of cyber criminals. As a business owner, there are many things you can do to establish a security culture for your workplace. Just follow the tips above and you can expect your employees to eventually “see the light” when it comes to cyber security. For more information about cyber security, don’t hesitate to contact Neoscope by calling us at (603) 505-4902 or emailing us at