Time to invest in small business network security

With the way hacking and identity theft is portrayed in movies and television, you would probably think that hackers, cybercriminals and identity thieves go after big companies to steal their billions. In reality, it is more likely for small businesses to fall victim to hacking than big corporations. While cyber security is a concern for both small businesses and big corporations, larger organizations are better equipped to take on the threats to their cyber security.

There are a lot of reasons why hackers prefer to take on small businesses rather than bigger fish in the market, but the message remains simple: there is an increasing need for small business network security to take on the emerging threats to their business.

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Here are some of the reasons why hackers go after small businesses:

  1. Many small businesses are not equipped to respond to cyber-attacks

A business that does not have an IT department to respond to cyber attacks would likely be exposed following a data breach. In the event of an attack, the first response should be to patch up your system and plug the holes in the breach. Without a team to fix your vulnerabilities, your system remains exposed.

  1. Small businesses have a reactive mindset when it comes to cyber security

Some small businesses would not take cyber security seriously until they fall victim to one of the hackers. Only then would they start to invest in cybersecurity measures to protect their business, after the damage has been done.

  1. Easier to penetrate

Hacking a system isn’t like in the movies where the actor just types in a string of codes to access a system. Hacking, in fact, takes time and resources to pull off. Attempting to breach the IT security of a large corporation may be too big of a task for one person to pull off, but taking on smaller businesses might be easier. Like picking a small lock compared to cracking a safe, hacking small businesses would not yield a big payday like taking on bigger companies, but anything with value can be stolen and used for profit.

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