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Every day, business owners and consumers are bombarded with IT security news that aim to scare people more than to increase awareness. In network security, cyber security analysts agree that a certain level of fear helps to reinforce awareness. According to studies, 63% of security professionals felt more pressure to meet the security requirements of their organizations in 2015 compared to the past year, and 65% anticipate more pressure in 2016.

Neoscope believes that concern, anticipation, and awareness create the most reliable cyber security analysts in Portsmouth, so does confidence, assertiveness, and expertise. We take care of your cyber security needs so you can confidently run your business, knowing that you have the best cyber security analysts watching your back.

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The vulnerabilities that were exposed last year gave us a better understanding of what to expect in 2016. The use of Cloud technology remains to be the riskiest among the emerging threats to information security, followed by the Internet of Things, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. These emerging threats remain to be key components for rapidly-growing businesses, and organizations would suffer a devastating loss if these components were to be removed or diminished in favor of security.

Leaving these emerging threats unchecked will eventually leave your business exposed, and the consequences may be too much for your business to recover from. Be prepared for the emerging threats of 2016 by avoiding these costly mistakes:

  1. Learning on-the-fly

Before deploying certain technologies such as the Cloud or BYOD for your business, you need expert support to advise you with adaptation, management, and operations. Learning on-the-fly would not prepare you for the problems that could arise while using these technologies. Using technologies that you don’t fully understand would likely create vulnerabilities that could bring down your business.

  1. Underspending and Overspending

Spending too much on IT infrastructure that you do not really need or do not give much value to your IT operations would take away resources that could have been spent on better IT investments. Spending too little would likely open up holes in your operations. The key is knowing when and what to spend your resources on. Your cyber security analyst can help guide you with the right tools and strategies to take on the latest threats.

  1. Complacency

Just because you’re not getting attacked, does not mean that you will never get attacked. Being complacent is the worst approach to security. As long as information is valuable and profitable, someone somewhere would attempt to steal it, and you need to be one step ahead to prevent catastrophic losses to your business.

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