IT SecurityNeoscope is issuing an important Public Service Announcement (PSA) to all our clients.

We’ve identified a new ransomware email campaign targeting our clients. We’re sending this hoping you can avoid a critical compromise and ransom of your business and its sensitive data.

What to Watch for:

Crypto Ransomware usually arrives through emails with .zip attachments often purporting to be a resume. Inside the zip file is a malicious JavaScript downloader trojan. If you click on the .js file it will attempt to download malware to your computer, which encrypts data on your hard-drive and file shares causing havoc in your business!

Here are a few examples of malicious resume email attachments:

IT Security solutions

IT Security consulting

How to Guide Your Staff:

To protect the security of your company data. If an email looks strange, do the following:

  • Do not open it, just delete
  • Never open attachments or click on URLs from unknown senders
  • If you know the sender but suspect a problem, call them to confirm

Multiple clients have seen these .zip emails. Please consider informing your staff of this malware campaign before it strikes your business.

Protect against further threats using our Neoscope Shield.  It protects businesses through layered defense-in-depth security, which focuses on People, Process, Policy and Technology!  Contact {company} at {phone} or email us at {email} to find out more.

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