portsmouth IT services

Challenge: A chaotic and costly IT provider situation due to poor design, inconsistent support, and questionable billing practices.

Solution: Neoscope conducted a comprehensive IT assessment and then installed its suite of Managed IT Services: Project Implementation Services, Best-in-Class Managed IT, Business Continuity and Helpdesk Services.

Results: Quick and decisive support from Neoscope’s certified professional staff, enhanced system functionality, improved efficiency and proper billing for services.

“Our last IT provider was an absolute train wreck and we were being billed for services that weren’t explained or should have been part of our contract. When something was wrong it seemed they would send the least capable person to handle it and that would rarely work. Neoscope has been our IT partner for two years and it has made all the difference. There’s been no trauma and their proactive practices have been superb. We’ve had two IT vendors before who promised a lot but Neoscope is the only one that actually delivered on their promises.”

Bill Hurley, Founder & President

Founded in 1998 by Bill Hurley, Infinite Imaging is one of the top visual communications companies in the New Hampshire Seacoast and Southern Maine regions. Infinite Imaging depends on a robust and reliable IT infrastructure to handle a wide range of projects through its digital presses, reprographic scanners and high-speed copiers for black and white and color imaging. Infinite Imaging has three locations: York, Maine; Exeter; and its

10,000 square-foot flagship location in Portsmouth that includes a garage bay for vehicle wraps and a product showroom.

Infinite Imaging had two previous and unsuccessful experiences with Managed IT service companies. The company had experienced too much frustration with IT service providers and it put the company’s mission at risk all too often.


Infinite Imaging came to realize their previous managed IT providers did not possess the professional competence or capabilities to do the necessary, day-to-day work. The list of substandard practices included:

  • Infinite Imaging felt hostage to its managed IT provider.
  • Billing practices were confusing and difficult to decipher. They were charged for the simple acts of resetting a password or making a phone call for advice.
  • They were never included on technology decisions.
  • Backups hadn’t run for months.
  • A poorly engineered infrastructure led to costly downtimes and across-the-board system inefficiencies.
  • Vendors had little if any knowledge sharing and when new techs came on board, they did not know the IT infrastructure or needs of Infinite Imaging. No one knew what they were doing and the training was paid by Infinite Imaging.

“Infinite Imaging was in a terrible and costly bind that companies with substandard managed IT providers often find themselves in,” said Neoscope President Tim Morgan. “In many ways, the company was trapped. When it came to future IT planning, they didn’t understand what they had, what they might need, or why they needed it. But they felt they had no choice but to go along.”

Beginning in 2013, Infinite Imaging began to chart a new IT path when it joined into a partnership with Neoscope Technology Solutions. The goal was not only to assess and reverse a deteriorating situation, but to put a comprehensive and comprehendible IT infrastructure plan in place for the future.


Neoscope took immediate action to stem the damage done by previously poor IT vendor performances. Neoscope performed a full IT assessment that identified and highlighted key areas of IT infrastructure weaknesses which had hampered the operational capabilities of Infinite Imaging.

“We listened to what Bill and his staff told us and they told us plenty. We immediately targeted inefficiencies that were undermining Infinite Imaging’s operational capabilities and its bottom line,” Martin explained. “We made the billing systems easy to understand. They no longer had to make a bad choice of paying a bill they don’t understand or spend hours trying to figure what they were being billed for. With our easy-to-understand, flat-fee solution model, we became part of their team and not a predatory vendor.”


“Neoscope makes it easy because they are so attuned to our company,” Bill Hurley explained. “IT can be pretty intense and we can’t afford to start the day with our system down. We no longer feel the need to bring in a CPA to help us understand billing. They make everything understandable to a layman and have exceeded our expectations as an IT provider. We have a personal relationship with Neoscope that has made a huge difference.”

With proactive Managed IT Services provided by Neoscope, the IT turnaround for Infinite

Imaging was achieved on multiple fronts.

  • A simple engineering change with the main line of their business application increased performance by 50 percent. “Basically, it was something that we were surprised wasn’t done before,” Martin said. “They were suffering from a poorly designed system and just thought, ‘that’s the way it was.’ We showed them otherwise.”
  • Infinite Imaging now operates efficiently with fewer support calls.
  • When a support call is necessary, end users once uncertain about dealing with their IT provider now receive immediate and personable help desk support. “When our server blade went down, Neoscope handled it immediately. They had a new one overnighted and installed without it becoming an issue at all,” Hurley said.
  • Backups were reactivated after lying dormant for significant amounts of time.
  • Neoscope oversaw an efficient and no service break update of old XP and Vista operating systems.
  • The system is performing as it should. Productivity has risen drastically as a result of faster performing systems.
  • Infinite Imaging is proactive in their IT decisions and Neoscope helps them forecast as a true IT department should. “We meet with them regularly even just to say hello,” Martin said. “We advise them free of charge on technology decisions.”

The partnership between Infinite Imaging and Neoscope has succeeded in reviving a vital component of the company’s core functions to fulfill its mission. Infinite Imaging has finally received the superior managed IT services it had always wanted while building a solid platform for the future.

Utilizing Neoscope Managed IT Services to Fulfill the Mission

With the system repaired and stable, Neoscope continues to manage the day-to-day systems and to offer longer-term improvements and management solutions to keep Infinite Imaging on track. Neoscope’s wide range of Managed IT Solutions include:

Centralized and Streamlined Management of Computer Systems: A web-based dashboard was provided to Infinite Imaging staff, giving them an overview of the entire network in one central location. The dashboard also shows real-time statistics for server availability, critical system issues, antivirus status, asset management, warranty management, and secure critical system management information.

  • Standardized Antivirus Protection: An industry leading antivirus and antimalware solution was deployed to provide a high level of security using very little system resources. Virus remediation was also included as a preventative measure in the event that another attack threatened to compromise the organization’s network.
  • Secure Remote Access: Via Neoscope’s portal, this feature has a tool to remotely access all systems on Infinite Imaging’s network infrastructure from a centralized location.
  • Asset Management: A tool that allows instant reports to be created for all critical IT hardware and software assets.
  • Customer Portal: Infinite Imaging staff can utilize this ticketing system in the Neoscope portal to directly communicate with Neoscope’s technical team on escalating issues. It also includes a customized knowledgebase and a status check of open tickets and projects in real-time.
  • Executive Reporting: A monthly, high-level site overview is delivered to Infinite Imaging. The report provides network health scoring and the graded score corresponds with the overall health of the network for the month and on every system being managed within the infrastructure. The analysis provides valuable management information, details on the health of each system, and real-time reporting of maintenance being performed.