The High Value of a Comprehensive IT Partnership

Merrimack Village Family Practice, Merrimack, NH

We depend on a strong IT infrastructure to provide a high level of service and the Neoscope partnership has worked on every level for our practice and our patients.  It’s incredibly valuable to have an entire team of professionals overlooking our practice.” – Dr. Julie Noonan-Timmerman

Client: Merrimack Village Family Practice, Merrimack, NH

Challenge: In 2008, Drs. Mark Timmerman and Julie Noonan-Timmerman began a long-term partnership with Neoscope after a previous IT relationship – with a part time specialist who wasn’t always available when needed – could not provide the depth of proactive service and commitment needed for this family medicine practice.

Solution: A customized systems and networking assessment by Neoscope which then implemented a long-range plan to keep Merrimack Village Family Practice up to IT speed and able to meet all its HIPAA (Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliance requirements

Results:  The three doctors and staff at Merrimack Village Family Practice have continued to focus on patient care while Neoscope installed an entirely new IT infrastructure that has kept this medical practice updated with the latest solutions including security, file backups, servers, EMR software, and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Located in the busy southern corridor of New Hampshire between Manchester and Nashua, Merrimack Village Family Practice is one of the region’s top family medicine practices.  Founded in 1987, Merrimack Village Family Practice is a group practice which is affiliated with three major hospitals in Manchester and Nashua and has provided primary care medicine for thousands of families in the area.

“Due to the growing demands of the practice and the need for a robust managed IT partner, the staff at Merrimack Village Family Practice could no longer afford a reactive, band-aid approach,” says Neoscope President Tim Martin. “We became more than an IT partner: we are a strategist to help them succeed today and tomorrow.”

In addition to its seamless day-to-day managed IT expertise, Neoscope has partnered with MVFP to totally transform its IT infrastructure. During the past seven years Neoscope has upgraded all points of its network. A sampling of this significant evolution for MVFP includes:

  • Transformed an aging IT infrastructure and helped replace old, underperforming equipment
  • Replaced inefficient software that sometimes took MVFP weeks to do proper medical billing with its almost 20 insurance carriers.
  • Tested three different EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems and made recommendations that resulted in a significant upgrade.
  • Replaced old servers and obsolete anti-virus software that was slowing their system down.
  • Implemented an image-based backup solution that replaced an unreliable file system.
  • Introducing a virtualization environment to improve redundancy and increase flexibility.
  • Constant monitoring and upgrades of back end requirements to support ongoing compliance initiatives.
  • Designing a major virtualization upgrade that includes offsite replication and disaster recovery.

“Neoscope understands what is critical to help our practice succeed,” Dr. Noonan-Timmerman said. “They have helped us make the best investments in our IT infrastructure and have gone beyond the call of duty in our partnership. I can honestly say they have never failed us in getting it right.”

“Our partnership with Merrimack Village Family Practice represents a high standard of collaboration. While the doctors and staff focuses on patient care, they depend on our expertise, broad range of skills and knowledge, and our team manages their IT infrastructure seamlessly,” Martin explained. “Our team has deep expertise in the medical sector, especially when it comes to security and HIPAA requirements and the knowledge that they can’t afford any downtime. We understand their unique, day-to-day business challenges and regulatory standards.”

ABOUT Neoscope

Neoscope is a multi-disciplinary Information Technology firm that takes managed IT services to unparalleled levels of service and customer satisfaction. Neoscope’s staff of certified senior IT professionals evaluates the specific business requirements of each client and then offers the clients the best practices technology solutions to accomplish their business objectives. Neoscope’s distinctive proactive managed IT services utilizes tools and processes to keep IT systems up and running to maximize employee productivity, increase customer service and reduce costs: all at a predictable and affordable monthly cost. Neoscope Rocks IT.