Enhancing the Educational Mission through a Comprehensive IT Partnership

Dover School District

We believe that IT is the silent backbone of our mission and absolutely vital for our instructional and operational goals. Too often in the recent past we had an IT system that was in shambles but Neoscope stabilized the situation and got our district back on track.”  – Dr. Elaine Arbour, Dover Superintendent of Schools

Client: Dover School District, Dover, NH

Challenge: In June of 2015 after the IT manager resigned, the Dover School District (DSD) had an immediate need for both a thorough assessment of its network and a managed IT services partner to provide professional IT services and long-term planning during a lengthy transition phase.  DSD had always kept its IT oversight in house but after a prolonged period of operational breakdowns and lengthy downtimes, administrators opted to take a different path.

Solution: DSD decided on a managed IT services platform to best serve its long-term operational and budgetary needs. After a competitive bidding process, DSD chose Neoscope because of its long history of success performing these services and more for school districts throughout New Hampshire. The Neoscope team of IT professionals, including Neoscope’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security Officer, went to work immediately. They conducted a customized and comprehensive systems assessment and stepped in to maintain and upgrade the existing IT network.

Results:  The educators and administrative staff members at Dover School District have had continual IT network service with no downtime since Neoscope came on board. In addition to overseeing two key long-term projects, the Neoscope team also helped the school district write a new job description for the incoming IT director while implementing a managed IT platform for the daily oversight and maintenance of the IT network critical for DSD’s educational mission.

Located in the busy Seacoast region of southeastern New Hampshire, The Dover School District is made up of approximately 4,200 students and 560 employees.  Three elementary schools educate students in grades K-4; a middle school serves students in grades 5-8; and a high school and career technical center serves students in grades 9-12 from Dover, Nottingham and Barrington.

“We understand it was unique for Neoscope to do a comprehensive assessment and handle daily IT operations simultaneously. But they were able to do both with great professionalism,” Dr. Arbour said. “The new IT platform we are putting in place will also assist us in planning for the new high school which is scheduled to open for the 2018-19 school year.”

“As often happens with in-house IT support, when the previous IT manager left, he took with him a great deal of institutional knowledge, what some might call the keys to the kingdom,” said says Neoscope President Tim Martin. “We were tasked to getting those keys back into the hands of the Dover School District.”

In addition to its seamless day-to-day managed IT expertise, Neoscope has partnered with Dover School District in a wide range of proactive moves:

  • Performed a comprehensive IT assessment and found many areas for improvement which were addressed immediately.
  • Began a project to segregate their network from the City of Dover which it is currently linked to.
  • Began a mail server migration for more efficient email with the addition of Office 365, and better Cloud-based redundancy.
  • Worked with DSD administrators and educators to develop a comprehensive job description for a new IT Director.
  • By co-managing the school’s IT, the new IT director is able to focus on larger initiatives for DSD and not bogged down by reacting and responding to technology issues.

Forging a Partnership

“Neoscope was extremely helpful in helping us write a detailed job description for the new position of IT director,” Dr. Arbour said. “We also had not had a detailed assessment of our vulnerabilities and needs going forward. They are helping us to segregate our network from the city of Dover. They have also moved us forward in our mail service migration.”

“Our partnership with the Dover School District represents a high standard of collaboration. While the teacher and support staff focus on their educational mission, they depend on our expertise, broad range of skills and knowledge, and our team manages their IT infrastructure seamlessly,” Martin explained. “We are working with their new IT director to determine how we can best help him succeed in his new role by co-managing their IT with their internal team. One of our top goals is to become more than IT partner: we are a strategist to help them succeed in their mission today and tomorrow.”

ABOUT Neoscope

Neoscope is a multi-disciplinary Information Technology firm that takes managed IT services to unparalleled levels of service and customer satisfaction. Neoscope’s staff of certified senior IT professionals evaluates the specific business requirements of each client and then offers the clients the best practices technology solutions to accomplish their business objectives. Neoscope’s distinctive proactive managed IT services utilizes tools and processes to keep IT systems up and running to maximize employee productivity, increase customer service and reduce costs: all at a predictable and affordable monthly cost. Neoscope Rocks IT.