MS_Audit_Banner-1024x389-300x113Microsoft recently began performing regular licensing audits targeting small to medium businesses. In 2014 alone, they intend to audit fifty-eight percent of businesses to ensure that all Microsoft licensing requirements are up to date. Small to medium businesses are the focus because their guidelines tend to be more lax. Most big businesses using Microsoft have strict systems in place to ensure full licensing compliance and that all software is paid for. Microsoft licensing requirements can be complicated and difficult to decipher. Microsoft is requiring that all Microsoft software on your computer systems (including those that are obsolete and unused) have proof of licensing.

The audit is intended for Microsoft to confirm that all equipment that runs or is capable of running a Microsoft product is appropriately licensed and completely compliant. Most businesses will be caught non-compliant unintentionally since Microsoft’s licensing requirements are very detailed and complicated. Next, even with appropriate licensing, if a company does not have proof of the licensing, it can be subject to fines and fees. Each individual company is responsible for learning the Microsoft licensing requirements and ensuring complete compliance. There may be times that, if found non-compliant, a company may have to purchase additional licenses or pay fines and penalties. In severe cases, a company could face criminal prosecution. Microsoft will make no exceptions.

Many businesses are turning to managed IT companies to help decipher the complicated licensing requirements and ensure their compliance with Microsoft. Neoscope is strongly encouraging small to medium businesses to be proactive and allow Neoscope to perform an informal audit of all systems to ensure that all Microsoft requirements are met in the event that their company is selected by Microsoft.

Neoscope can help businesses to avoid incurring fines and fees from Microsoft. We understand that business owners are often forced to make tough decisions regarding finances and may not currently meet all licensing requirements. Neoscope will ensure that everything is compliant and up-to-date so all client businesses can continue running smoothly.

Our software will scan your entire network and take inventory of any licensing issues. This will provide a clear picture of what is in use. Then we can check that each business has the necessary information to back up licensing and prove regulation compliance to Microsoft.

Microsoft intends to make audits ongoing to ensure compliance across the board with small and medium businesses, so it is strongly encouraged that once all licensing requirements are up-to-date that they are regularly monitored to ensure compliance at all times. This way, businesses will always be prepared for potential surprise audits. Neoscope can assist with all potential compliance issues and help to provide peace of mind.