1186633_double_sixUnfortunately, we cannot find more hours in our day. There are a set 24, and if we ask for any more, we simply get a new day. But, busy as we are with life, family, work and more, we’re constantly wishing for more time in the day. Though there never will be, we can use the time we do have wisely. Here are two simple things you can do daily to help you “add” more time to a busy schedule.

Get Ahead of the Game

Have you ever needed cash for something that you knew yesterday you would need cash for, not had it, and had to make a trip to the bank? This happens to people all the time, and not only with cash. It happens to people when it comes to gas and groceries, too, and causes a person to drive out of their way to get something they could have gotten before. These unplanned errands cost valuable time, and thus you should learn how to get ahead of the schedule before it gets ahead of you. Next time you know you’re going to need cash, get cash back when you’re at the store on grocery night.

Change Your Morning Routine

The easiest example here is coffee. You likely have a coffee (or hot chocolate) routine. You add water or milk, or you brew your coffee, or you grind the beans or empty the packet. You take your new found hot drink with you to do your morning chores and drop off your kids at school. Except sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you wind up waiting in a line to get a cup of coffee at a coffee shop because you didn’t plan ahead that morning. Instead, purchase a single cup coffee brewer and get your coffee in less than a minute. You’ll save time and still get your fix – and you can apply this to other things in your morning routine too.1186633_double_six