By encouraging your clients to trust you, you’re helping your company blossom from a small player in the niche to a big one who really knows what they’re doing. Your customers are everything, and making sure you appeal to what they need and want can bring more success to your business than you might think. Check out the tips below to figure out what not to do – and then what you should do, too.

Being Sneaky

Most people who make grammatical mistakes or just have an “I’m always right” attitude are generally good people and their mistakes are innocent. However, there are always those people who mean to make these “mistakes”. They generally do things like bait and switch tactics: they violate privacy policy violations by selling your email, they don’t offer an unsubscribe function, and on occasion, they even fabricate and fake testimonials to make themselves look better. So let’s just say this now: don’t do these things, ever. You’ll get branded as someone who’s terrible (which you would be if you did these things) and no one will ever do business with you again.

Be a Good Person

You can’t borrow trust, nor can you make it come out of thin air or earn it in a day. Earning trust comes over time, and that time can sometimes be longer than you expected. That’s okay. Build your articles, tweet every day, maintain your Facebook’s wall, and start gaining a history of being a good company with a good heart so you can start seeing those clients roll in. After all, if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, they WILL start coming and you will start to see success.