Many people think that the only way to move forward in a business is to look for completely new concepts. This isn’t always true and there other options. One of those options is bringing new breath to old ideas that have been discarded and forgotten. Much of the time, good ideas are discussed in meetings that just aren’t right for the company at the time, or they need some tweaking to become viable. In both of these situations, once the meeting is over, these ideas should have been recorded for later use. In ten years, your company may be in the position to be successful with an idea that was once discussed long ago. Check out the tips below to help yourself rejuvenate old ideas.

Past Failures Aren’t Always Failures

There may be ideas that flopped when you launched them the first time, but sometimes those ideas aren’t bad ideas. In many cases, ideas that failed the first time around only fail because they launched in the wrong place or time. For example, let’s say your company launches a new lip gloss. You put it in a dark package and target middle-aged women who want to protect their lips from the sun. It doesn’t sell well, and you have to pull it off the market. While looking through your notes, you see that the lip gloss had good reviews, but just wasn’t making sales. Instead of just discarding this data completely, try reselling the lip gloss, and target teenagers that like to make their lips shine instead.

Old Ideas – Did You Save Them?

When you need a new idea to run with to help develop your company’s offerings, take a look at the archives of your old ideas. It’s likely you at least have notes on all of the brainstorming meetings you’ve attended. See if there’s anything on those sheets that you’ve forgotten and could work with in the future. At the very least, looking at old ideas often spark creativity, and you might walk away with some new inspiration.