1035957_17800353So how do you hire the right social media guru for you? It isn’t easy to pick out the right face among so many, but you can at least ask some questions to see if you’re on the right track when you meet with them to interview. Here are a few things you should consider before you bring someone into your company.

Have You Brought Success to Your Own Social Media Pages?

When you’re considering someone and you’ve already discovered that you like them, it’s time to run one of the first tests. After you’ve asked them what they have done on social media pages, watch them for a few days and see if what they said was exaggerated or not. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook. If they don’t stay perfectly neutral or they post offensive material on any of their social media pages, it’s probably a bad idea to hire them.

Ask for References

Qualified candidates should have a list of clients they’ve already worked with ready to share with you. Of course, this list is going to consist of clients that were happy with their work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call and email these people to see how good of a job they actually did just in case.

Do You Have a Portfolio?

A professional online worker will often have a portfolio of online work they have completed, and may even have “prime” examples on hand to show you as well. This can help you evaluate social media initiatives that they have undertaken and figure out how well you think they did. Look for successful, engaging campaigns they have done in the past.