1378633_man_with_a_megaphone_1So what makes a social media expert any better than an average Facebook user? Often, that’s difficult to define, especially if your expert has a successful personal page they manage and run on their own. However, there is a difference between a successful Facebook user and a successful social media expert, and asking these questions of all of your candidates will help you find the right expert for you.

Do You Know My Market?

Hiring a social media expert that’s excellent at lawn care but not good with computers may not be a great idea, especially if your company sells computers to other businesses. They should have an incredibly strong understanding of your niche. Their knowledge should be so good, actually, that you should be able to quiz them and they should be able to answer accurately. They don’t have to be perfect- especially if you’re a specialty niche inside of a niche – but they should be able to at least answer the general questions.

Do You Have Past Work I Can Look At?

Most professional social media experts know it can be hard to prove they have actually done anything, so they have often put together profiles and portfolios for potential clients to look at. So now that you have a portfolio, what should you be looking for? Find examples of marketing campaigns that have been fairly successful, and have brought a ton of brand exposure to the company or business that they ran the campaign for.

What Tools Do You Use?

Social media managers all have their own particular ways of dealing with social media pages, and it’s important for them to use analytics tools to make sure their campaigns are running correctly. Hopefully, they go beyond “likes”, followers, or fans.