1290864_141432731If you think you have social media down pat, there’s probably something you can learn from these tools. If you don’t think you have social media down at all, there’s still something you can learn from checking out social media helpers. The bottom line is that they were designed by people like you and me who are busy, customer-oriented people who represent companies that always have something to do. So why not take a moment for yourself and use one of the following tools to lighten your social media load?

Brand Monitor

This tool is popular because it tracks what’s going on with your brand online. Comments you would otherwise have to search for pop up in Brand Monitor’s feed, and you can respond appropriately. For example, if someone says something nice about your company, you can then respond with a nice comment or a request for a testimonial in exchange for a discount for your product. If someone says something bad about your company, you have a chance to do some damage control.


Topsy is used by businesses in every niche because it has the ability to search social media websites in real time. It brings all of the information going on in your niche at the moment and presents it to you so you know what’s going on in your area of expertise. This kind of insight will help you find success when you may otherwise struggle to present relevant topics to your audience.

Google Analytics

This is, by far, the best tool out there for monitoring your social media presence. It’s good for tracking information about your brand, social media, and website. Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime and comes with more features than you’ll be able to explore in an afternoon.