1184018_business_team_-_vector_1Do you sometimes wonder if you’re a good boss, or if your boss is a good boss? A good leader is sometimes hard to spot from the outside, but from the inside, you can almost always tell when a leader is doing something right. Happy employees, productive days, and numbers to back it up are just a few of the things a good boss will encourage. Check out the three following tips to see if you’re doing the right things.

They Aren’t Overly Harsh on Employees

So an employee really ruins something and loses your small business a couple of valuable clients. You’re upset, but that doesn’t mean you should lose your cool and fire the person. Instead, talk briefly with him or simply catch his eye. He knows he screwed up, he knows what he did wrong, and he knows what has to happen to make things better from now on, especially if this is his first mistake. Give employees a break – they’ll thank you for it later.

They’re Not All Business, All the Time

A popular blogger once wrote about his experience with his boss. His boss was very upset with a supplier that had made a huge mistake and hadn’t met a deadline for something important. His supervisor didn’t get ugly, but the argument was real. In the middle of the discussion, his boss turned to him (when the supplier wasn’t looking) smiled, and winked. This indicated to the blogger that the emotional display was, at least in part, for effect, and he had made his employee an insider on the game. This strengthened the bond between them, and both boss and employee where better off in the end for a single moment.