1378633_man_with_a_megaphone_1Some of us don’t know how to show appreciation to our employees because we’ve never had to before. Some of us don’t know how to show appreciation because we feel awkward when we tell someone they mean something to us. No matter what the reason, it’s important to say thanks to those who work hard for you, or for those who buy from you and support your business. Here are a couple of ideas on how to do so.

Be an Involved Boss

The days where you can stand back and watch all of your employees work without getting involved are over. Now, it’s much more “hip” to be a boss that actually shows he cares about his employees by helping them do their jobs when they need help. Work right alongside the team you have built as their equal, not their boss.

Give Away Hours on Occasion

Your employees work hard, and it’s important that you let them know that sometimes it’s okay to take a few hours of personal time. Perhaps a holiday has come and you’ve still made everyone work relentlessly for the week before. Show them that you care by letting them have a day off or a few hours at the end of a day so they can go spend time with those they love. Pay them, while you’re at it.

Give Praise

Group praise is awesome, but individual, custom praise is even better. It doesn’t cost you anything but a few seconds of your time, but it means a heck of a lot to an employee that is having a bad day or week. In fact, sometimes it will turn an employee around and make them work that much harder for you.