Jimi Hendrix is legendary, and because of that, he has been very influential in the world of today. But his influence doesn’t stop at music. In fact, it doesn’t even stop at art. Hendrix has spread throughout our society like wildfire, and even today posters, music, and sheet music to his songs sell well in most stores and niches. Hendrix affected everyone deeply while he lived, and his death made him immortal. Though you may never think your business will make it to immortality, you should shoot for it anyways. Shooting for being remembered forever will certainly get you remembered for at least the time being.

Go as Far as You Can to Reach Success

You can’t stop just because someone says something discouraging to you. Someone said something discouraging to Hendrix every day of his life, but that didn’t stop him from taking a broom to school to play as a fake guitar or stop him from dressing up like he was going on stage even when he was just recording a new song. Don’t stop because someone doesn’t believe in you; keep trying.

Be Obsessed with Your Art

Hendrix slept with his guitar, and any part of being a musician was something that he loved. He loved it so much, in fact, that many believed he was obsessed with music. This is most likely a true statement, but if he hadn’t been obsessed, he would have never reached the heights that he reached. If you’re choosing to ignite you passion, lose yourself in the flames. Success comes much easier when you’re willing to put the work in.

Finally, Actually Put the Work in

Becoming a successful businessperson is a tough gig, but it’s important you become the master of your own ship through hard work, dedication, frustration and learning.