1331012_pink_happy_face_on_greenp>Don’t worry, everyone has their struggles with email marketing. It’s not uncommon to be unsure of what you should be putting in your newsletters, much less your Facebook page, blog, and other pages that require thoughtful writing. Lucky for you, quality newsletter content may be a lot closer than you think. Check out the following three locations you should check right now for some inspiration.

Social Media Pages

Facebook and Twitter are a wealth of information that you can use to your advantage. If you’re running those pages correctly, it’s likely that people are commenting on how your business has helped them. Capture some of those comments and use them in your next newsletter in one way or another, even if you just have an attractive graphic with a quote that flattered you.

Promotional Events

Everyone loves a good sale, especially at this time of the year, and if you’re running one, people will be interested. Maybe your special offer is only for those who read your newsletter. So instead of just saying “buy tickets now,” you can offer information to them in advance and tell them that they’ll get a special deal if they keep watching your newsletters.


People are worried in today’s economy, and if they think your company is going under for some reason, they’ll bail before you can even explain that that isn’t true. Though there aren’t very many people who read annual reports, there might be pieces of information you can share with others to encourage them to stick with you. Maybe you can share quarterly profit, customer base increase, or the success of your new product to make people feel more comfortable about sticking with you.