238123_hands_demandingWhen you show up to work every day in a bad mood, something’s wrong. When you just want to go home as soon as you start working, you know there’s probably something up. After all, you used to love your job – there’s no reason that should have gone away. So what happened? Maybe you just let negativity influence you and bring you down. Here are two ways to bring productive positivity back into your work life.

Chill During Your Relaxation Time

Eventually your work day comes to an end, and with it, so does your work. That means that when you have a chance to relax and kick back, you absolutely should. For many of us, that time is limited, so it’s always best if we use it to our advantage while we have it. Recharging your batteries is absolutely necessary. If you run on a half charge too many days, weeks, months in a row, you will start to suffer the consequences. You’ll begin to feel overwhelmed by resentment and bitterness. Although many of us can tolerate this for a little while when necessary, the absence of joy and downtime from our lives can damage us severely if we let it continue on too long.

End Your Day with Thanks

Expressing gratitude for what you’ve accomplished and what you were given in the day that just passed is essential in your workday’s success. It gives you a moment to look back and think about all of the good things that happened that day, and how they influenced your life. Bring out a tablet at night and record everything that happened during the day that should make you happy or grateful. Even if you weren’t grateful for those things at the time, but know you should be, writing them down will help you see how blessed you really are. You’ll sleep better and you will likely have a better day tomorrow than you did today.