238119_hands_thumbsupMany of us know how to do SEO, build our content, write blogs, and code our site. But many of us don’t even know how to turn on a video camera, much less use one. In the following two tips, we discuss how that video camera can create a powerful video to share with your audience and potential customers and what it needs to contain to be effective.

Create a Template

Zappos, a well-established online shoe company, follows the same exact format for all of their videos. Every time they showcase a new shoe, they create a 60-second short explaining the features of the shoe and what the shoe should ultimately be used for. It’s a format that works, too – the website reports that they sell roughly double the shoes when the shoe has a video included. Once a mold like this is set, it shouldn’t be hard to whip out some quick, cheap videos. This tactic can be especially handy when it comes to a company with a lot of products or services to showcase.

Your Video Should Have a CTA

Calls-to-action used to be simple: end your video with your contact information, thank the person for watching the video, and that’s it. Nowadays, that won’t cut it. Instead of just throwing your information in, many companies have started linking the end of their videos specific pages with further detail. Some even link to polls or surveys to ask a potential client how they liked the video. Having prospects that like your video ask “what now?” at the end of your video because you didn’t make it exceedingly easy to click-through is bad business.