1335487_check-boxYou buy a new printer for your office, and it looks pretty. It was priced well too, so you think that it will do everything you need it to do. However, six months later, it decides it doesn’t want to work anymore and your warranty just expired. At that point, you have no printer and no way to get a new one unless you pay for it. This is an example of a poor technology purchase, and people and companies make them every day. Here are a few tips on how to avoid making a poor purchase.

Figure Out Your Priorities

Do you want something that lasts a long time, or something that will just get you through the week? There are literally thousands of models that you can choose from, whether you’re in the market for a printer or a laptop. Let’s consider printers for a moment. Do you need something that will fax and scan as well, or do you just need a printer that produces pages fast? How about ink – does it matter how much it costs, or are you on a limited budget for printer materials? Consider everything carefully before bringing a new piece of technology to your office.

Spend a Little Extra if it Saves You in the Long Run

Jennifer Chiongbian, owner of Buy and Sell Manhattan, believes that make the decision between quality and budget is an easy one. “I recently purchased a high end printer. It was not the cheapest, but I took into consideration the lifespan of the cartridge and cost per page; my average output for black and white and what I normally did for color. I did my number crunching as far as my usage. It would eventually be cheaper for me in the long run; especially since I had just switched companies that used to print my stuff for free.” She believes that spending a little extra if it saves you later on is absolutely worth it, especially if you are budget-conscious.