neo-300x198After saving the Town of Salem NH over $200,000 in IT costs last year, the Salem NH School District is now turning to Neoscope Technology Solutions for IT services and IT support as well.

“Neoscope is very proud to serve the public servants, taxpayers, and now the children of Salem,” said Timothy Martin, CEO and founder of Neoscope. “Our managed solutions leverage the district’s existing staff and budget, but add a new layer of protection and support.”

As reported in the April 10th New Hampshire Union Leader, the Salem School District suffered a debilitating virus last month that infected 85 different servers and shut down the district’s internet service, disrupting operations and consuming key personnel for nearly a week back in early April. (See:

The virus was in the “Vobfus” family of viruses that affected over 25,000 students, faculty, and staff at Salem State University in Massachusetts in March.

Within hours of getting the call, Neoscope rushed to contain the virus in the first 24 hours. They restored critical servers, email, website, and student applications within 72 hours, and performed forensic techniques to locate the exact computer and user that brought the virus into the district.

After spending a few weeks stabilizing the system, Neoscope and the Salem School District recently agreed to a proactive, preventative contract for IT support that would prevent any future virus disasters.

With over 4,000 students and a $60 million budget, Salem is one of the ten largest school districts in New Hampshire.

About Neoscope Technology Solutions:

Neoscope Technology Solutions is a multi-disciplinary Information Technology consulting, services and products firm. Neoscope’s staff consists of certified senior IT professionals who understand IT as a vital component of core business functions. Using a consultative approach Neoscope evaluates a client’s specific business requirements and then advises the client on the best practices technology solutions to accomplish their business objectives. Neoscope’s distinctive proactive managed IT services utilizes advanced tools and processes to keep all essential IT systems up and running to maximize employee productivity, increase customer service and reduce costs; all at a predictable affordable monthly fee. Serving clients in New Hampshire IT servicesMassachusetts IT services, and more.